Precise, Scrupulous and Vigilant Proofreading Services

With our Proofreading your book travels the distance from a good book to a great one.

No error sneaks away from our wary and cautious proofreaders. From Grammar and syntax, to punctuation and formatting, our proofreading ensures the finishing strokes that your book needs that make it the literary masterpiece your readers will devour all in one go.

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What we do

Foolproof Proofreading Services that never miss a dot.

Creative Writers LLC consider themselves as earnest, humble and responsible servants of literature and we spare no efforts when it comes to refining any piece of literature. We realize that every book is written with unadulterated zeal and raw emotion and wish that every book makes their mark. We have learned through experience that for that to happen, a book needs to be perfect not just in its story or content but every other front,

Our proofreaders peruse through every single sentence and line down to every tiny full stop to ensure that your book is on point. Our team is based on aficionados of literature and avid readers with unmatched skills and apt credentials that make them the perfect and most reliable people to be fixing your book. Your book might pack all the charm of a best seller and our readers make sure discrepant syntax and bad punctuation doesn’t chomp down on its luster.

All genres covered

Our proofreading services are holistic and wholesome. Our proofreaders have been trusted with books of every niche and genre and never once have they failed to deliver. Whether it is academic writing or fiction, biography or business publication, we have proof readers that take on every scattered and unstructured manuscript and refine it to a filtered, error free and a book worthy document ready for publishing.

Client centric Proofreading

Creative Writer LLC realize how important a book is for every author. We always consider our client as an active member of our proofreading team and dedicate proofreaders that best suits your need. We continually maintain correspondence with our clients all throughout the proofreading assignment to make sure that your book is structured just the way you want.

Multiple Review Sessions

Our proofreading is focused on ultimate client satisfaction and thus we make sure that we work on your manuscript until all our clients’ needs are met. Our proofreaders offer many revisions and rest only until your literature is fluid, coherent and picture perfect.

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We’ve successfully delivered high-end services to clients all over the globe.

Our Expertise

Genre specific Proof-reading Services

Our proof-reading services cater to literature of every niche because we believe everything written is worth reading.

  • Academic Proofreading

    Our proofreaders understand that, a lot is riding on Academic Papers and they must be edited, proofread and formatted with surgical precision. Our academic proofreaders are well acclimated with all the nuances, citations and formatting styles that are incompliance with the academic standards.

  • Print Media Proofreading

    Have some media publication to broadcast? We have you covered. Our writers can proofread your documents and suggest the most catchy and attention-worthy fixes to make sure you get heard loud and clear.

  • Translational and Bilingual Proofreading

    Get your documents and manuscripts proofread and translated to or from language of your preference by expert linguists to make sure that your translation is apt and functional and preserves all the meaning of your document down to the last word.

  • Business Proofreading

    Your official, business related literature cannot afford to be lax and imperfect. Our proofreaders can fix all kinds documents including but not limited to presentations, reports, emails, newsletters, product descriptions, user manuals, resumes and what not.

  • Stylistic Proofreading

    If you have marketing literature aiming to make an impact it will require craftsmanship of well-versed proofreaders. We fortunately are just that and more. With the right blend of tone and words our proofreaders can add the zing that gets you heard out loud.

Brewing a creative idea in your head? Let’s hear it

Your idea can be Pulitzer Worthy. Don’t keep it bottled

Greatness always starts with an idea. And with our experience in the world of literature, we can declare it, hands on heart, that your big idea for a book can be the next great literary marvel. Just share it with our expert writers and smart editors and allow us to show the magic your idea can unleash.

Our Step by Step Process

Our proofreading approach is always flexible and tailored to the project. A rudimentary work flow given below might give you an idea of how we go about it.

Line by line Perusing and Proofreading 02

Here our professional proofreaders go through the draft. Every line, paragraph and word is scrutinized and all the grammatical, formatting and assorted errors are identified.

Scanning the Draft04

The rectified draft is scanned through one of the leading tools like Grammarly, Hemingway, ensuring that no mistake goes unattended.


Draft Submission01

Our client submits us their manuscripts along with specification that needed to be paid specific attention to.

Fixing the Draft 03

All the errors that were pinned down are corrected. Every typo, grammatical error, error in syntax and formatting is removed.

Finalizing the Draft05

The scanned and corrected draft is sent to the client for approval after which it is forwarded for typesetting and designing.

Our Testimonials

Hard Work Surely Pays Off – And This Is Our Reward!

“We love hearing from our clients, positive feedback acts as a confidence booster and pushes us to perform better. It has been a fantastic journey to work with all the clients.”

Jenny Joe


“I had been thinking of getting my life story written since years, but I wasn’t able to come up with the right words. My experience with the creative writers LLC has been tremendous, and I’m certainly going to reach out to them again!”

Hannah Smith


“So far, my experience is great! I approached them for the publishing of my book, and everything seems great. Their project managers are quite comfortable to talk to, as my topic was a bit personal. However, I would highly recommend!”

Phil Jones


“Honestly, the entire process was smooth and easy, and what I loved most about it was the fact that they suggested me ideas that could get me more sales! Truly dedicated individuals! A 100!”

What sets us apart?

We're professional, experienced and have a team of the best ghostwriters of the industry. We have helped thousands of clients become an author through our professional ghostwriting and publishing services. Our writers are well-skilled with the intricacies of book writing and specialize in various genres. So whether it is an autobiography, a self-help book, a business publication, or a work of fiction, we have got you covered!

Frequently Asked

What Is A Ghostwriter And How To Find A Ghostwriters For Hire?

A ghostwriter is a writer who gets paid to write for another person, under that specific individual's name. Commonly this kind of ghostwriting or ghostwriters is connected with distributing a book. Yet today ghostwriting is also broadly utilized as a part of advertising, corporate interchanges, online networking, and numerous different enterprises and fields that are delivering more noticeable and more noteworthy measures of written content.

How to Hire a Ghostwriter?

If you know people who have utilized ghostwriters or ghostwriting services, approach them to recommend potential ghostwriters for your task. Tell them your requirements and desires, which can guide them to an ideal contender for you. This can spare you time, vitality, and even cash.

Ghostwriter for Hire- Completed work through Our Service?

Our essential concentration is to give you a ghostwriter for hire and ghostwriting services that you can rely on to finish amazing content. There are different things that you need to consider when you hire a ghostwriter.

The Expenses of Hiring a Ghostwriter?

The cost of contracting a ghostwriter fluctuates enormously relying upon the factors of the project, the capability of the writer, the many-sided quality of the topic, its complexity, and that's just the beginning. When you hire a ghostwriter, you're paying for their experience, skill, ability and time.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Google warns to stay away from companies claiming to guarantee rankings. Any company that says they can is being dishonest, as Google’s algorithm changes frequently.

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